Type Of dZi Beads

  Cylindrical Shape  
               Long Shape
                Short Shape 
  Oval Shape (Olive)
  Round Shape (Ball)
  Tabular Shape (Coin)
  Other Type 
  Cylindrical (Long Shape)  
  Cylindrical (Short Shape)  
  Oval (Olive)  
  Round (Ball)  
  Tabular (Coin)  
  Carnelian (Chung Dzi)  

    (1) Good color contrast between lines & base    条纹与底色黑白分明
    (2) Clear, defined lines    线条清晰
    (3) Good surface skin-texture    表面纹理
    (4) Etched lines and base color should be even and balanced all around
          the bead (overall appeal)


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