dZI (pronounced Zee) is a Tibetan word to describe a patterned agate bead of mainly cylindrical or tabular shape called "Heaven's Bead" in Chinese. Such beads were etched black-and-white or brown-and-white, with symbols comprised of circles, ovals, square, waves stripes, lines and various other symbolic patterns. To the Tibetans, each of these symbols represents a specific meaning. They are precious possession to the Tibetan, with so many fascinating stories of its mystical power attributed to it.

beads play an important role in Tibetan culture. They have been found also in neighbouring countries around Tibet. In ancient times, dZi beads are precious jewelry which is used for barter trade. Tibetans believe dZi beads to possess the power to bring about good influence associated with protection, prosperity, attracting wealth, fostering good health and ward against evil. 

These beads were etched dating back a few thousand years ago. New dZi beads is said to be those that were etched recently. Since the material used for both the old and the new beads is Agate, the difference between them lies in the TIMING the etching were done. Formed under the earth a long time ago, Agate is one of nature's precious gifts to mankind and has been well accepted as a stone that radiate good energy. The price of dZi beads is based mainly on its quality. The size, the skin texture, the clarity of the etched lines and its overall appeal are among some factors to consider when buying a dZi bead, be it an old or a new piece.



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